Who are the Space Pirates?
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Who are the space pirates?
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Captain ToscaCaptain Tosca

Captain Tosca began life as Baleena Fog from the planet Saltoria. She was was enjoying a cruise on the space liner ‘Lobstar’ when it was attacked by pirates. The leader of the pirates was the handsome and swashbuckling
Captain Terrigo Tosca. Baleena fell in love with him immediately and they were married on a nearby planet by a Turtle. (No, that’s not the creature with flippers which swims in the sea. The Turtle just happened to be the name for the official who carried out marriage ceremonies on that nearby planet.)
KraakidileTwo years later, while Terrigo Tosca was on a short space walk to collect one of his treasure chests from a small moon, he was eaten by a Kraakidile. (That’s a rather large and ugly space monster.)
Baleena went home to Saltoria but she missed the piratical life and so she bought a small space ship and went off to find herself some treasure.

The Space Vehicle Sleepy SheepSleepy Sheep

Captain Tosca’s ship is a very old model of the Plastron V150Z type. It was originally built as a family holiday spaceyacht. It sleeps four. It was easy to manoeuvre but it was so slow, it got the nickname ‘space snail’.

Captain Tosca came across it lying in the back yard of a used spacecraft yard. She thought it was rather cute. The owner of the yard agreed to put a new, high-powered engine in the craft which gave it amazing speed.

Engineer DogzboddiDogzboddi

Dogzboddi is a Slymballian. The planet Slymball is the gooey green one in the 7th Zone. Slymballians like to moan about their health. But the more they complain about their spots, rashes or dandruff, the more pleased they actually are.
If one Slymballian says to another ‘May the wart on your nose grow as big as a moon’ it’s treated as a great compliment.
It was Dogzboddi who sold the Sleep Sheep to Tosca and as he was fed up sitting in his yard, he agreed to join the pirate captain as ship’s engineer.

Navigator NeedlespuneNeedlespune

Captain Tosca met Needlespune when he was a delivery driver for the Saturn Supper-at-Home Service. Needlespune
ran his jetbike into the back of the Sleepy Sheep, spilling his orders of Juicy-Jupiter pizzas all over the spacecraft’s paintwork.
Captain Tosca was not pleased but let Needlespune off as he agreed to join her crew as navigator.
Unfortunately, Needlespune knew nothing about navigation.
The confusion arose because his name is actually Navi Gator Neelespune.
Navi’s hobbies include shopping for clothes and watching sport. (His favourites are Zelkovian Thwack-Sticks, Anntling Swerving and Earthling Football.)

Cabin Boy ColeslawCabin Boy Coleslaw

One day (Wednesday) on his way back from school, Earthling Tommy Coleslaw stopped in the middle of the park to tie up a shoelace. It was just at this moment that a band of Smyrg raiders decided to attack a gang of Lollipods. Tommy suddenly found himself surrounded by spacecraft and aliens. (The ducks in the
pond were pretty surprised, too.)
In the confusion, Tommy found himself carried off in the Smyrg spacecraft as a prisoner. When the Smyrgs found out he wasn’t a Lollipod they threw him out at an intergalactic filling station.
A space vehicle named the Sleepy Sheep was refuelling at the time, and in its back window there was a sign which said: Wanted: cabin boy to join friendly pirate crew. Apply within
So Tommy did.

Intergalactic Direction Finder (IDA)Intergalactic Direction Finder (IDA)

IDA is the Sleepy Sheep’s onboard computer. She can be a bit of a pain in the neck sometimes. However, the crew rely on her to get them to the right place and provide them with all the information they need.
Unusually for a computer, she has a huge appetite for food.
(She never eats any, of course.)