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How tall is Scoular? Q: How tall are you?
6 feet 1 inch or 184.2 cm or ten-and-a-half pencils (unchewed).


Scoular's ideasQ: Where do you get your ideas from
Who knows? It’s very difficult to explain. I have a brain like a huge net which catches all sorts of rubbish. Now and again, one of these bits of rubbish gives me a nudge and says: ‘Don’t you think I’m a totally excellent idea for a story?’


Q: How many books have you written?
See the page on the site called THE COMPLETE WORKS.

What Scoular likes drawing
Q: What sort of things do you like drawing?
Dogs, buildings, monsters, dogs and dogs.



What Scoular hates drawing

Q: Is there anything you hate drawing?
Bicycles and horses (too many skinny legs and spokes which stick out all over the place).

Q: Do you use lots of pencils?
About 20 a year – I wear out between two and ten pen nibs doing the illustrations for each book.

The most boring part of Scoular's job
Q: What is the most boring part of your job?
Rubbing out all the rough pencil lines once I’ve
done the illustrations in ink (the rubbing-out takes forever in a long book).


Q: How long does it take to make a book?
That depends. Anything from six months to four years.Most books take about a year.

Here are the ten steps to make a book:
Step 11. Dig out an idea from the brain cupboard. Throw it around
inside the head for several weeks!


Step 2 2. Write out the story.
Add some rough illustrations.
Sent it (it’s called a manuscript at the moment) to a
publisher (who make books).


Step 33. The editor (who is in charge of turning the manuscript into
a book) will probably suggest some changes that will improve
the story.


Step 4 4. The story is typed out then copy-edited.
An editor will go through it very carefully looking for mistakes.


Step 5
5. I am sent a lay-out of the book so I know how much space I have for the illustrations.


Step 6
6. I do the final illustrations



Step 7
7. I do the artwork for the cover


Step 8
8. The editor sends me proofs – printed copies of the cover
and the inside of the book so I can do a final check
for mistakes.


Step 9
9. Final copies of the book are printed and bound (the cover is stuck on).



Step 10
10. The publishers send the books to shops, libraries and schools.